Testimonials from clients about MPi Clinic of San Diego Endermologie

I must say after the long search looking for the right place to do my permanent make up I FOUND IT! Shelby was so great, she made me feel confident in my decision and she knew her stuff! Any question I had she had the answer! I must say pain was my main issue and I honestly didn't feel a thing! She numbed me always asked if I was comfortable and OK! I have other friends that have gone there and they were so right! I have recommended her to everyone I know and can’t wait for them to be as happy as I am with the work done and Shelby! THANK YOU MPI FOR MAKING ME FEEL BEAUTIFUL!
Ava C. -El Cajon 4/20/2011

I had my eyebrows done on 3/11/11 and I wanted to talk about my experience with Shelby at MPI Clinic, from the beginning Shelby was very professional and very nice, I searched for months into permanent makeup and after all my searches I narrowed my search down to MPI Clinic. My appointment was very reasonable and the day of my appointment Shelby was super cool, super nice, super sweet, very patient and caring about my personal needs and her work ethics are superb. I am very happy with my eyebrows, everyone that has seen my eyebrows are very happy too. I had my eyebrows done before and they looked really ugly, I was unhappy with them, but it was my fault because I went to the first place I saw and paid only $100 and I got what I paid for, I will never do that again, believe me what I paid for was so worth it, it I had to I would pay for it again. The process was really good I felt little discomfort towards the end but then again that is expected because it’s the face a very delicate area, and Shelby took her time and made sure that my eyebrows got done right, so it was no big deal. I loved the office its very nice and comfortable, before the procedure started she made me feel really comfortable, she put a blanket over me and a nice pillow on my neck so I can relax and feel comfortable, I almost fell asleep cause I was that comfortable. Needless to say I will go back to get other procedures done, and I would 100% recommend MPI Clinic. And Shelby if you read this thank you so much I love my eyebrows, you’re the best,
Thank you
Iris E M. – Chula Vista 3/12/2011

I had my follow-up appointment with Shelby today, hard to believe that is been a month already. Just wanted to say that again Shelby was awesome, went I sat down she made me feel comfortable again, before she began retouching my eyebrows, she asked me if I was happy with the way they looked or if I wanted to make any changes, she was always concerned about my needs. She didn't have to retouch them that much because she did such a good job the first time, this time the procedure went faster because there wasn't much to touch-up. My eyebrows look a lot better, I feel more confident in the way I look. Shelby also told me that if I needed another touch up right away she would do it for me for a very reasonable price, but at this time, there's no need to. If you ever go to her office, you will see my eyebrow picture on the wall, ask Shelby to show you Iri's eyebrow picture. I have one good friend that was so impress with my results that she will be going soon to get hers done. I will be going back to MPI Clinic to get my lips done, can't wait. I give this review 5 stars because with Shelby I had a 5 star treatment, trust me, you don't need to look any further, reasonable prices, awesome artist, comfortable pleasant office, Shelby's attention to details and customers needs, MPI Clinic is the place.
Iris M. – Chula Vista 4/21/2011

Shelby is the most professional and skilled permanent makeup artist I know. She is extremely conscientious and diligent in her work, and always makes sure she does the best job possible. I can't say enough good things about Shelby. You can trust you are getting the best!
J.B. –Honolulu, HI 2/23/2011

Thank you Shelby. You have made me feel beautiful and young again. I will tell the world to go see you. I love my new sexy lips.
Karla S. -Lakeside 3/31/2011

My Aunt went here and looks beautiful. I am 26 and decided to get my eyeliner and eyebrows done. Shelby the owner was very sweet and answered all my many many questions before my big day : ) I am so happy with the way I look. I get so many compliments on my eyes. Thank you Shelby. Thank you MPI
Natty G. –San Diego 2/21/2011

I really like my Eyeliner on the eyelids, it is perfect! All is looking good. I’ll stay in touch and see you in a while.
Ingrid E – San Diego 2/21/2011

I want to forever Thank you, for such a pleasant and wonderful experience, you have given me. I am so over joy words cannot say, I’m eternally grateful I am so happy and confident now. Thank you. I like me again the way I look, my brows make such a difference to me.
Denise F. – San Diego 3/18/2011