About MPi Clinic - San Diego

MPi Clinic has been the premier provider in San Diego for Permanent Make-Up since 1989. With our proven success throughout the years, we have established a true understanding of how important proper color and technique are. MPi Artists pay special attention to detail. When working with a patient, we discuss their ideal polished Permanent Make-Up look. The process in choosing the right color is paramount. Being professionally trained artists, we understand how color undertones contrast with your body chemistry.

Your comfort and safety during the cosmetic tattooing experience is a top priority. We adhere to strict OSHA regulations to provide a safe and sanitary environment. MPi Clinic NEVER reuses needles and has the same high-pressure sterilizing equipment that is used in surgical suites.

We offer complimentary consultations to answer specific questions and view our before and after photos. For clients who have not had previous Permanent Make-Up or tattoo procedure, an MPi Clinic specialist can perform a patch test on your skin to determine how your skin will react to Permanent Make-Up pigments. Another MPi Clinic benefit is that we use equipment specifically designed for Permanent Eyebrows, Permanent Eyeliner and Permanent Vermilion tattoo applications. Most clinics use only one piece of equipment for all applications. . . We understand that skin texture is different in these areas, and application requires the correct speed and pressure, with the right piece of equipment, to deliver optimal results.

MPi Clinic also offers Endermologie, a non-invasive LipoMassage body sculpting technique that produces profound results! A trained technician using the Cellu M6 Keymodule will sculpt your hidden curves, streamline your shape and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Celebrate your sleek new appearance as you open the door to Endermologie!

When you are ready to invest in yourself with a Permanent Make-Up procedure or sculpt curves with Endermologie, you deserve to be pampered by the best at MPi Clinic of San Diego!

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About Shelby - MPi Permanent Make-Up Artist

Beauty, make-up and health wellness have always been passions for San Diego’s MPi Clinic Permanent Make-Up artist Shelby McIntosh. Living with her own Permanent Make-Up features, she understands the benefits of saving time and always looking polished.

Shelby holds a Permanent Make-Up Certification through the American Academy of Micropigmentation in California. In addition, she has created a 3-step topical anesthetic numbing technique to ensure the optimal client comfort. Her dedication to the art of cosmetic tattooing and skill is evidenced by her natural hair-like stroke Eyebrows, full Vermilion lip color and beauty enhancing Eyeliner.

Shelby has also been trained on Endermologie, a revolutionary, non-invasive deep tissue LipoMassage treatment that smoothes the skin, helping to reduce cellulite. Shelby successfully completed techniques and maneuvers for LPG Cellu M6 devices that earned her a certificate of completion by LPG Training USA.

Shelby’s goal at MPi Clinic is to enhance a women’s natural beauty. She achieves this by highlighting their features with Permanent Cosmetic Makeup and sculpting their body to their desired shape with Endermologie.

Shleby Permanent Make-Up Artist at MPi Clinic of San Diego