Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about MPi Clinic of San Diego Permanent Make-Up

Q: What is Permanent Make-Up?

A: Permanent Make-Up also known as cosmetic tattoo. A machine deposits the pigment into the dermal layer of skin. The result is Permanent Make-Up, a desired cosmetic effect that last for years.

Q: What are some reasons why people get Permanent Make-Up?

A: People choose permanent make-up for a variety of reasons. Busy professionals love that cosmetic tattooing saves them time everyday. Athletes and active people enjoy permanent make-up that doesn't smudge when they workout or swim. Also, for many who have light or sparse eyebrows, some who have sensitive eyes or sparse eyelashes and for persons with poorly defined lips.

Q: How long do the procedures last?

A: Procedure length varies from person to person. At MPi Clinic, Eyebrow and Eyeliner usually take 90 minutes to 2 hours, Full Lip enhancement can take 2 to 3 hours. All time includes draw in pattern and 3-step numbing technique.

Q: What is the recovery time?

A: The great thing about Permanent Make-Up is thatthere is little to no downtime. Most people can go back to work after the procedure. You will have some swelling on the lips and eyeliner. The cosmetic tattoo color will look 20 - 30% darker and bolder until the final result. It takes about 5 to 7 days for the skin to completely heal.

Q: Does it hurt to have Permanent Make-Up applied?

A: MPi Clinic uses a 3-step anesthetic system for your comfort. A combination of cream, gel and liquidcoupled with our specialized technique allows you to be comfortable during the procedure. You can expect some soreness after the procedure. Eyebrows swell minimally and will be red for about a day. After an Eyeliner enhancement, your eyelids might be swollen and red for 1 to 3 days. A cold compress will alleviate much of the discomfort. Cold compresses are recommended after Lip procedure, which tend to swell 3 to 5 days.

Q: Does Permanent Make-Up stay on forever?

A: The simple answer is no. It is long-lasting and will slowly fade over time. The law requires us to call it permanent make-up because we are placing pigment into the dermal layer of skin. MPi Clinic uses soft, more natural colors that fade to look natural over time. Unique factors like body chemistry, medications and your exposure to the sun all contribute. We encourage you to take care of your cosmetic tattoo; we give you suggestions for longevity and have you use sunscreen to protect your color.

Q: What will my Permanent Make-Up look like?

A: Initially all pigments tend to look darker, bolder and more dramatic before healing in the first week. As your body goes through the healing process, tiny scabs will form along the areas treated with pigments. As your body continues to heal, the irritated skin begins to slough off, making your permanent make-up seem faded. Once your skin is completely healed, usually between 4 to 6 weeks, you will see and enjoy your beautiful refreshed face!

Q: Can I wear make-up after the procedure?

A: We send you home with the correct topical to use on that area. Nothing else should be applied during the scab process, usually the first 5 days. Keeping that area clean and free of bacteria is an important part of the process.

Q: Are there any safety issues?

A: Your safety and comfort is MPi Clinic's highest priority. The artist performs all procedures in medical suites, and we adhere to strict OSHA standards for safety and sterilization. We only use single-use needles, and needles are never reused.