Permanent Eyebrows by MPi Clinic

Let MPi Clinic create the perfect Permanent Vermilion Lip color for your specific skin undertones. Permanent Lip Make-Up eliminates the smearing of lipstick and allows your lips to always stay defined with color! For most women wanting to achieve beautifully shaped full lips with traditional topical lipstick is a challenge and most often has to be reapplied throughout the day.

With the correct use of Permanent Cosmetics, lips can look youthful once again. The artist at MPi Clinic meticulously hand draws a pattern in order to balance and enhance the contour size and shape for an attractive pout. Your choice of color can be soft and natural or dark and dramatic with a matte finish, unless you apply a topical luster gloss.

Your comfort is important to MPi Clinic, this is why we proudly perform a 3-step numbing technique! This allows our clients to remain comfortable during the cosmetic tattooing procedure process.

After completion, you will receive a post-treatment care instructional sheet along with proper topical balm for application to your Lips. Approximately 5 to 7 weeks after your initial procedure, you return to our clinic and the Lips are examined and enriched with additional color to ensure a gorgeous standout pout!

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Before Permanent Make-up by MPi Clinic
After Permanent Make-Up by MPi Clinic