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Additional Services
Beauty Mark
Looking to add personality to your face? A Beauty Mark might be it. When we think about Cindy Crawford or Marilyn Monroe a Beauty Mark above the lip or just under the eye comes to mind. If this look appeals to you, micropigmentation can make it happen.

On your procedure day we discuss the placement and size of the Mark. Then I draw a pattern of your Beauty Mark correct shape and size in the exact spot where you would like.

This process for you is quick and simple, with lasting results.
Eye Lash Curl Heading
MPi Clinic offers Eyelash Perm, an innovative method to keep lashes curled, opening and enlarging the eyes without the use of eyelash curlers. The results will enhance the lashes and give the eyes definition and shape.
Beauty Mark Eye Lash Tint Heading
MPi Clinic offers Eyelash Tint. Tinting changes the color of your lashes adding the illusion of thickness and dimension.

Together with Permanent Eyeliner, Eyelash Curl and Tint will make the eyes and lashes defined.

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